June 22, 2023

Electra Shares Video of eSTOL Technology Demonstrator Aircraft

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Our rollout of the Electra tech demonstrator last week was a monumental event.

Take a look at this video 📽 for the highlight reel!

Leading up to the rollout, we've achieved some incredible milestones:

✅ Ready to launch a summer flight test program with the 2-seat piloted tech demonstrator, en route to our future 9-passenger production aircraft.

✅ Signed with Safran at the International Paris Air Show to develop our 9-passenger prototype aircraft's turbogenerator.

✅ Captured $4 billion in demand with letters of intent from 30+ customers.

✅ Expanded our leadership team with the recent Board appointments of industry veterans Jim Albaugh, Allan McArtor, and Kirsten Bartok Touw.

Our vision of a greener, more efficient, better connected world is becoming a reality.

Watch the video here.