Aircraft for Sustainable Air Mobility

Flying people and cargo quieter, farther, and more affordably.

Electra is on a mission to decarbonize aviation. That journey begins with a hybrid-electric, ultra-short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft. It combines the operational flexibility of a helicopter with the safety and economics of a fixed wing aircraft.

Electra's eSTOL is designed to fill a gap in transportation between 50-500 miles, to bring air service to thousands of communities where air travel today is not a practical or affordable option. The key to saving time is to operate close in, which means getting in and out of small spaces quietly and safely, while flying fast enough to cover long distances.

Electra's eSTOL

Hybrid-electric, ultra-short takeoff and landing aircraft

500 Miles

+ 45 mins reserve

9 passengers

+ 50 lbs bag each

200 mph

Cruise Speed

300ft x 100ft

Takeoff and landing area

75 dBA @ 300 FT

Quiet takeoff and landing

Access any small regional airport.

Or locations without the space for a traditional runway.


Blown lift is a special aerodynamic technique that multiplies lift to allow safe takeoffs and landings at very slow speeds of only 35 mph. It takes very little distance to accelerate to this speed, such that Electra’s eSTOL can operate from spaces smaller than a soccer field. The quiet, electric propulsors make community-friendly operations easy, both when flying from traditional airports or expanding into new locations.

Electra's technology demonstrator aircraft took to the skies for the first time for an all-electric test flight on November 11 and a hybrid-electric flight on November 19. The first hybrid flight lasted 23 minutes, reached an altitude of 3,200 feet, and covered a distance of approximately 30 miles.
See a video of the flights here.

Our tech demonstrator is human-rated from Day 1. Electra received a Special Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA, authorizing piloted flight tests from our location at Manassas airport in Virginia.

The technology demonstrator aircraft (left) is an 80% scale version of the future 9-passenger production aircraft (right). The tech demonstrator will help us pave the way for certification by testing the core blown-lift and hybrid-electric propulsion technology at relevant scale.

We continue to expand the envelope of the tech demonstrator  to showcase the full capability of Electra’s proprietary blown-lift and hybrid-electric technology. We are flight testing regularly at our HQ in Manassas, Virginia with flights typically lasting between 30-45 mins, testing both hybrid-electric and all-electric flight modes.


Super efficient blown lift.

Blown-lift lets our eSTOL aircraft take off and land within 1/10 of the space required of a conventional aircraft, to access locations only a helicopter can today. Yet we do this at a fraction of the energy required for a vertical-lift capable aircraft.  

Fixed wing simplicity.

There is no tilting of the wing or rotors. There is no hover and no transition phase. The aircraft flies on the wing from takeoff to landing.

Straightforward certification and operations.

​Clear fixed wing aircraft certification path under the FAA's FAR Part 23 and EASA's CS-23. Can be operated with a standard fixed wing pilot's license.


With more than 1,600 aircraft pre-orders and options from over 35 key operators, Electra's eSTOL is trusted to revolutionize air mobility and provide a practical path to decarbonizing aviation.

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