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Jun 3

NASA Selects Electra as AAM National Campaign Partner to Accelerate Urban & Regional Air Mobility

Electra’s hybrid eSTOL aircraft team will participate in an information exchange with NASA’s National Campaign that is speeding the development of an ecosystem to support new vehicles and other technologies to expand urban and regional air mobility.

Electra.aero has been selected as a partner in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign, which aims to transform our lives through the development of systems to integrate air taxis, cargo delivery, and other advanced aircraft concepts into the nation’s airspace.

Electra is one of four new industry partners that signed agreements to exchange information about their vehicles, development processes, infrastructure, and capabilities under the “NC-2” phase of the highly competitive National Campaign. NASA says the information will help it integrate efforts across the AAM ecosystem and produce data to assist the Federal Aviation Administration in defining regulatory compliance to ensure safe commercial operations.  

“We’re excited to welcome Electra to the National Campaign and to learn more about their vision for using their ultra-short take-off and landing (STOL) configuration for safe, efficient intra-regional mobility,” said Ken Goodrich, AAM Deputy Project Manager for Technology at NASA.  

“This partnership affords Electra valuable access to NASA’s extensive experience and knowledge base in designing, testing, and flying novel aircraft, as we prepare to flight test our full-scale eSTOL technology demonstrator aircraft later this year,” said JP Stewart, Vice President and General Manager of Electra. “We’re honored to be selected as an NC-2 partner and look forward to sharing our insights to support the development of advanced air mobility.”