Diana Siegel

Chief Financial Officer

Diana currently serves as Electra’s Chief Financial Officer.

As CFO, Diana helps identify and works with investors and partners to fund Electra’s path to a certified eSTOL aircraft. She joined Electra’s founding executive team in 2020, and co-led Electra’s initial customer outreach that to date has yielded a pre-order book of 1000+ aircraft.

Prior to joining Electra, Diana led the commercial programs team at Aurora Flight Sciences where she developed Aurora’s advanced air mobility programs portfolio from its beginnings to a 150+ person team, including the build and flight test of a full-scale eVTOL demonstrator aircraft for parent company Boeing. Her experience with eVTOL technology convinced Diana of the need to find a much more energy-efficient and cost-effective solution than vertical lift aircraft, to truly achieve sustainable air travel. Electra’s blown-lift eSTOL provides that opportunity.

Prior to joining the advanced air mobility industry, Diana was a management consultant with BCG, and worked in product development and systems engineering roles for Airbus Group’s MBDA, Lufthansa-Technik, and avionics developer Avidyne.

She holds a Master of Science degree in AeroAstro from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Queensland.

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